Industrial Automation



Streamline Automation has staff specialized in the design, fabrication, and integration of custom manufacturing machinery, tools, gages, material handling, and virtually anything it takes to fabricate, assemble, and test a product.


Our team of mechanical, electrical, chemical, and software engineers create turnkey systems, providing complete solutions to challenging problems.


Our industry experience includes:


  • Automotive components manufacturing and assembly,
  • Commercial components manufacturing and assembly,
  • Automotive assembly,
  • Munitions assembly,
  • Aerospace components manufacturing and assembly,
  • Defense component manufacturing and assembly.


Specific project types:


  • Assembly and/or test machines with automation - single station to dial index and transfer,
  • Assembly and/or test machines for manual use - single stations to multiple stations,
  • Assembly and/or test fixtures and tools - manual single purpose to semi-automatic to fully automatic,
  • Custom material or product handling tools and systems,
  • Fabrication machines - punch, paint, bend, or assemble,
  • Automation - auto load, auto assemble, auto test, and auto unload,
  • Integration of new systems to current equipment,
  • Gauging and test equipment - manual hand gages to fixture gages to fully automated systems,
  • Process and set up documentation,
  • Tolerance stacks for multi operation processes,
  • Investigate existing processes and provide solutions to improve productivity and costs,
  • Troubleshoot existing equipment and tooling to improve life and function,
  • Build to print services.


Our tools


  • Solid Edge and AutoCAD software for 3D mechanical designs and controls hardware,
  • Allen-Bradley for controls software,
  • LabView for data acquisition and analysis.


In order to proficiently manage each phase of a project, we utilize self-imposed procedures that include forms and check lists. We also utilize a comprehensive list of valuable suppliers that provide us with the best possible technologies.


For a downloadable presentation on our automation and machining services, click here.

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