Algae-based biofuels



Biofuel production from agricultural crops is not sustainable in large quantities. A more viable alternative is represented by renewable liquid fuels produced via microalgal systems (MAS). This method has indeed several competitive advantages over crop-derived biodiesel:


  • It represents the only current renewable source of oil that could meet the global demand for transportation fuels,
  • It can take place in non-productive lands,
  • It is a non-food resource,
  • It may utilize saline or waste water streams
  • It may be implemented in conjunction with CO2 producing plants for in-situ carbon sequestration.


Streamline Automation is a leading consultant on algae based biofuels


We have developed and patented a room temperature, low pressure, nonvolatile algae lipid extraction process. This process not only eliminates harmful halogenated chemicals used in traditional extraction methods, but it also extracts additional lipids that they leave behind. We can commercially extract lipids, cellular debris, or other compounds of interest from most microalgae species.


In addition, we can provide full process design of extraction systems. These systems can range from processing 1-4 Kg of algae paste per day. We are active in the development of renewable technologies, including microalgae and macroalgae based biofuels, energy from waste and butanol production.


An Algae oil lysis and extraction kit is available for purchase. Please visit our Algae oil lysis and extraction kit page for more information.