Life sciences



Streamline Automation's team of bioengineers, chemists, and microbiologists has developed numerous technologies and prototypes for life sciences applications, both for the military and civilian sectors. We have the simulation and experimental expertise to support our team's creativity, and to deliver our customers advanced solutions to diverse problems. Examples of our capabilities are:


Breath Biomarker Sensor: In collaboration with Argonne National Labs, the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and the USDA, we designed and tested a portable system to sense biomarkers in patient's breath, to detect various diseases or hazardous chemical exposure.


Signal Processing of Biomedical Signals: We developed and patented an Intelligent Data Extraction Algorithm (IDEA™), a unique suite of novel signal processing techniques to extract real-time hemodynamic parameters, such as cardiac output, from the photoplethysmogram. Please visit the enhanced pulse oximeter page for more information.


Molecular Assay to Identify Ticks that vector Rickettsial: We developed a molecularly based methodology to identify an accurate taxonomic assignment to tick vectors of potential infectious diseases. The method is capable of predicting very quickly the likelihood of a patient to acquire a rickettsial disease from an attached tick.


Exercise Machine: Streamline Automation has designed, built, and tested a compact exercise system that simulates weight lifting in a limited gravity environment for NASA in-flight applications. The device is reconfigurable for home training and physical rehabilitation. Please visit the exercise machine page for more information.