A list of our patents


Patent# Issue date Patent title
US8211307 07/03/12 Method and Apparatus for Processing Algae
US8303818 11/06/12 Method and Apparatus Using an Active Ionic Liquid for Algae Biofuel Harvest and Extraction
US8357304 01/22/13 Hazardous Material Storage and Leak Mitigation System
US8388846 03/05/13 Method and Apparatus for Lysing and Processing Algae
US8417856 04/09/13 High Speed Sensor Data Transfer Interface
US8450111 05/28/13 Lipid Extraction from Microalgae using a Single Ionic Liquid
US8494829 07/23/13 Sensor Fusion and Probabilistic Parameter Estimation Method and Apparatus
US8966916 03/03/15 Extended Range Heat Pump