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Our Products

Our products are the result of in-house efforts, and of government and private contracting. We continuously strive to meet our clients standards and needs, and we are proud to offer complete customization of our products.

Our current products include:

Modular Data Acquisition System

A turn key data acquisition and control system for industrial and aerospace test and production applications.

Easy to configure
Easy to configure using veriStand (basic framework and UI’s provided) or customer may write own code using LabVIEW or other languages.

Maximum flexibility
Purchasing the Modular Data Acquisition System allows maximum flexibility while providing industry standard processor and I/O components.

Standard I/O modules
Standard I/O modules are available as well as custom designed I/O modules.
(Standard delivery is 4 weeks ARO)

High shear rate capillary rheometer

The temperature controlled high shear rate (>1,000,000 sec-1) capillary rheometer is ideally suited to perform fundamental rheological measurement of large samples (500-3,000ml) of newtonian and non-newtonian fluids. Its ability to operate at high pressure enables the analysis of fluids ranging from highly viscous gels and polymer solutions (100-10Pa×sec), to greases, oil, inks, dyes, paints (1-0.01Pa×sec) and even water (0.001Pa×sec). The design also facilitates the performance of filling studies, and other flow visualization activities.


The rheometer is completely customizable to meet end user needs. Some examples include:

  • A wide range of capillary sizes to accommodate a variety of fluids,
  • Microchannel flow attachment with provisions for flow visualization,
  • Custom connections to pilot or production processes for on-line testing,
  • Control of external video cameras to synchronize testing,
  • Control of external fill pumps.


  • Single unit/transportable
  • Small footprint-Vertical capillaries
  • 316L Stainless construction
  • Extensive use of COTS hardware/software
  • Integrated heating and cooling
  • Fool-proof
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Intelligent diagnostics with “phone-home”
  • Self contained-Storage for capillaries on-board
  • Minimum maintenance-Closed loop pressure system.

For a downloadable brochure, click here.

For further information or to request a quote, please contact Dr. Stelu Deaconu.

Algae oil lysis and extraction kit

Streamline Automation has developed an algae oil lysis and extraction kit that is now licensed with Io⋅Li⋅Tec. The kit includes a lysis solution and a separating solution. Instruction on how to perform the experiments are included.

For more  information and to purchase the kit, please visit Io⋅Li⋅Tec website (it will open a new browser tab).


The X-Wand is a portable instrument designed to measure the presence of trichloroethylene (TCE) and halogenated volatile organic compounds (HAVOC) in soil or water. Contaminated sites can be rapidly evaluated, allowing for the collection of the appropriate samples to analyze in the laboratory, thus saving money and time.

Streamline Automation has acquired a license for the X-Wand from its original developer, Western Research, and has modified the internal board to achieve a more compact and battery-saving design. We are currently developing second generation X-Wand electronics which will have the advantages to be more user friendly, increase software capability, and integrate GPS, data storage, and wireless communications.

X-Wand has been tested at Edwards AFB and North Island NAS where soil and ground water HVOC contamination is known to be an issue. Measurements are not affected by water or fuel vapor.

Detection limits are:

  • 1 μg/Kg (ppb) in soil
  • 1 μg/L (ppb) in water

The X-Wand is available to lease. For further informations or to request a quote, please contact Waite Dykes.

Controlled force exercise system

Specifically ideated to counteract the effects of muscle atrophy, decreased bone mineral density, and reduced aerobic capacity due to a long permanence in space (e.g. the International Space Station), this exercise machine is capable of providing both resistance ad aerobic exercise in a compact, lightweight and reconfigurable design, with self-contained power generation.

A prototype was built for NASA and successfully tested at Wyle Laboratories in Houston, TX, where personnel from JSC and GRC had the opportunity to interact with the unit and provide valuable feedback.


The machine can simulate the biomechanics of free weight lifting, including inertial effects. It can also produce eccentric overload, which is a unique feature not provided by other gym systems currently on the market.

The system is completely reconfigurable, allowing the user to achieve the desired resistance during exercise, and it is designed to fold for easy storage.

Recommended uses

  • Controlled resistance exercise for athletic training,
  • Neuromuscular rehabilitation (stroke, spinal cord injury),
  • In-home personal training and physical therapy with telepresence of recorded exercise session parameters,
  • Interface to home gaming devices (e.g. Wii Tour de France).


  • Foldable for compact storage,
  • Supports both controlled resistance mode and aerobic exercise mode,
  • The resistance exercise mode load can be precisely controlled to the value desired by the user,
  • Inertia is accounted for to simulate free weight lift,
  • Eccentric overload can be applied and controlled by the user,
  • Demonstrated power generation in aerobic exercise mode,
  • High strength Technora-based cord (T-100).


  • Volume: 1.83 cu.ft. folded,
  • Weight: 55lb.,
  • System design load: 600lb.,
  • Maximum power consumption: 500W,
  • Power output in aerobic exercise mode: 30-70W (depending on peddling cadence).

Enhanced pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeters are non-invasive medical instruments largely used in hospitals to measure tissue oxygenation and heart rate, both in operating rooms and at bedside. Their portability and the fact that they do not require particular training to operate, makes them the perfect tool for patient assessment and monitoring.

Streamline Automation has developed and patented a novel technique to maximize the information extracted from the photoplethysmogram. The Intelligent Data Extraction Algorithm (IDEA™), used in conjunction with existing pulse oximeter hardware, allows for non-invasive, continuous, and real-time measure of cardiac output and blood pressure. This represents a breakthrough in cardiac monitoring, where cardiac output is usually measured invasively, with inherent risks for the patient.

What is IDEA™, and who can benefit from it?

IDEA™ is a software package which uses probabilistic inference and machine learning techniques, coupled with advanced physiological and photo absorption models, to extract hidden hemodynamic parameters from the commonly available photoplethysmogram. IDEA™ has the demonstrated ability to monitor cardiac output non-invasively while detecting and removing motion artifacts. Other parameters such as heart rate, arterial blood pressure, and blood oxygenation are also available.

IDEA™ solves several important clinical needs that cannot be met with current technology. During anesthesia, surgery, and recovery, our enhanced pulse oximeter can monitor a patient warning against “silent hemorrhages” that could otherwise be unobserved on standard equipment. In the neonatal intensive care units, it can monitor babies born with congenital heart defects, or poor blood flow. At home, it can be used to monitor patients with chronic heart conditions (the top killer in the US). In the battlefield and disaster areas, our device can dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of triage to save the lives of injured soldiers and victims. Many other medical practices necessitate the use of non-invasive and continuous stroke volume monitoring, to expand the amount of vital information available at the patient care area, and eliminate the need for risky invasive procedures.

How has IDEA™ been tested?

IDEA™ has been tested on simulated signals and real patients waveforms from the MIMIC database in phase of development. Testing has then been performed at the Huntsville Heart center on patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. A presentation of the technology and results can be viewed and downloaded here.

IDEA™ has also been the recipient of the first prize in the Medical Category at the 2010 Create the Future contest.

Where can I get IDEA™?

IDEA™ is sold as a software library that can be used to enhance existing hardware. For more information and for a quote, please contact Alton Reich.